Founded in 2011 in London, UK, Bellnext is a privately owned network of advisors with focus and experience in the  European wholesale energy and commodities markets, access to market of choice and energy trading solutions. Our services include market access


planning and delivery, optimization of wholesale energy trading tools and consultation services in integration of front office with 3rd party systems. 

     With an increased demand and usage of algo trading solutions in the commodities markets until now, we are assisting our clients in integrating the AI bespoke and out of the box automated execution tools which maximize profit and prevent losses in trading power and natural gas and other commodities.  

We are working with a variety of clients including energy commodity traders, certified software vendors and execution venues. Available solutions are used globally in multiple asset classes including power, natural gas, LNG, coal, emission rights, oil and freight across OTC and cleared markets. With more than 15 years of professional experience within the industry, we advise and guarantee our clients the most suitable solution in line with their objectives, size and state of the art of their business model.  


Trader front-end

This is highly functional electronic trading platform for OTC and Exchange markets of choice, which delivers a screen powered with real-time analytics and graphics enabling users to analyze the status of their portfolios and the market. From a single screen it supports a multi-commodity and multi-market view with all relevant comparative data. Data integration can be from both internal and other external data, forecasting and ETRM systems.

Best Bid/Offer

Designed with traders this is a specialist tool that enables orders to be maintained at the best price according to defined rules and limits. The Best Bid/Offer can be integrated with any energy /commodity exchange for futures and intra-day trading.

Data services

Support for trading operations in any energy and commodity market through data dissemination and BI system. The Data Services delivery model brings both internal and external imported data and analysis directly to traders and other market participants on customized front-ends.

ETRM System

Through Data Services, this system displays open positions, evaluation & performance analysis and the calculation of all relevant metrics integrated with the end-of-day process. As such the ETRM system helps the user to take the most efficient countermeasures and minimize the market risk providing portfolio optimization and management tools. From this it supports the ETRM process including settlement process, invoicing, collateral management and cash management.

Aggregator & Autotrader

This can operate fully automatically and autonomously on the market based on the specified strategies and trading limits, likewise it is possible to expand it with additional functional areas like schedule, portfolio or power plant management. The data required to formulate the trading strategies can be imported directly from a data services server. Market data aggregator is a real-time execution front-end to all connected energy commodities markets of the client.

Algo trading

With increasing liquidity and complexity in commodity markets, there is a gradually growing demand for pre-defined trading rules and automatic trading. We offer a tailor made and out of the box algorithmic trading solutions for execution of futures and intra-day products for requested markets.

Energy forecasting

Tailor-made forecasting systems for energy markets. Feedback from traders, portfolio managers and other participants based understanding how prices are formed in your market. From this we produce AI powered forecasting systems which provide fast, accurate results to a large and growing screen base.

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